Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Recent Manicures

 Well, I don't seem to be terribly good at keeping up with the blog posts since organic chemistry has begun occupying most of my free time, but here are some of the manicures I've done recently.  I've been doing a lot of matching nail art with my outfit.

First, here's some shiny things I've gotten recently.  From the Coterie offer, I got Knackered, Bluey, and All Hail the Queen.  They were almost all different from what I thought I was getting, but I am IN LOVE with All Hail the Queen.  I'd never have thought that a brown polish with holographic microshimmer sounded appealing in the slightest, but I will honestly probably repurchase it at full price when I run out of this bottle.
From Walgreens, I got 2 Sinful Colors, in Zincing of You, and a backup of Super Nova, as well as 3 Sally Hansen polishes on clearance.  The Salon Manicure colors are in Petrol and Olive Branch, and were $1.98 each.  The Insta-Dri is in Quick Canary, and was $1.49.  I've actually been stalking these in the clearance bin there, since they were originally $4 each, which I think is a ridiculous price to call "clearance."

These polka dots were done to coordinate with a floral skirt (slightly visible in the background of the picture) with flowers and leaves in those colors, on a white background.  I was slightly amused by how I have a wide enough selection of polishes that I just happened to have one to very closely match every color in the skirt.
White: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Whirlwind White
Red: Borghese Che Bella Red
Orange: Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up
Green: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Green With Envy
Blue: Color Club, from Ross, no name on the package
Brown: Sinful Colors Nirvana

I really liked this one, although I managed to mess it up after less than a day, but I liked the effect of the greenish duochrome glitter over the red-orange shimmer.

Red: Revlon Saucy
Glitter: Jesse's Girl Fire Fly

This one was also done to match a dress I wore.  It matched the light purple base, with a white crochet detail around the collar and sleeves.  I adapted a cloud manicure design to look like lace, inspired by a picture I saw on Reddit.  I like this design, although I think I have to work on my uniform-sized dotting technique....

Light Purple: Cosmetic Arts, from Ross, no name
Cream: Cosmetic Arts, from Ross, no name
Eggplant: Revlon Colorstay Bold Sangria

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