Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yellow Happy Nails! (Day 3)

For today, I considered doing bumblebees, or happy faces, polka dots, or something else fun.  Then I decided that nothing was happier than glitter--except the removal, of course--and I was going to make my nails a giant glitterbomb for today.  And probably the next couple days, as I like it decently well and don't want to bother getting it off my nails now.

I mixed my own glitter topcoat to put over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Quick Canary (purchased on clearance for $1.49 at Walgreens a couple weeks ago) from some Martha Stewart glitters I have.  WARNING:  These glitters bleed.  Don't try to store any frankens you make with them, but they're soooo pretty, I use them by just mixing a small amount at a time in single-use batches.

Carrara marble, a matte white glitter; Lemon drop, a yellow holo glitter; Orange sorbet, a reddish orange holo glitter; and Lemon Drop (again, from a different set), a holo bar glitter.  Actually these were from 3 different sets.  A set of matte/metallic glitters, a set of holo glitters, and a set of bar glitters.  They were all purchased at JoAnn on clearance about a year ago, so I have no idea if they're still available, or where.

Unfortunately, most of the pictures I tried to take really didn't do the color justice.  In person, it's a much stronger holo appearance, and there's more of a pink sheen to the glitter, not the orangey green in comes up in the picture.  The polish looks a bit more toward pastel and less mustardy.

I even tried an underwater picture to accentuate the glitter, but it still didn't really pick up all the wonderful holographic shininess I have going on on my nails currently.

Oh and I did end up doing smileys on my thumbs.  I just can't resist smiley faces :)  They got a bit bubbly, though, because of my hasty application of Quick Canary thinking it was all going to be covered.

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