Monday, September 24, 2012

Recent Nail Art

After spending the weekend moving back into the dorm and getting ready for classes to start again, I haven't really had any time to do much writing, but I have done my nails several times since moving out of my grandma's basement (which had no door, which meant me getting lectured on how bad it smelled and how I needed to own less nail polish, clothing, and cosmetics, if I dared open a bottle down there), so I've decided to share those today.  

This one was my attempt at a half moon manicure, using hole punch reinforcement stickers as guides.  Because of the texture of the Revlon Gold Coin polish I used underneath, the whole thing (Maybelline Wine & Dined on top) turned out lumpy and disappointing.  I took it off after less than a day, but I'll definitely be trying this design again with smoother polish.

This was my first attempt at caviar nails, and I liked them fairly well.  I found the beads in a pack of 8 colors at the dollar store, but unfortunately each bottle only had about enough beads in it to do two nails.  Both the beads and the polish--Jesse's Girl in Midori--perfectly matched a skirt I'd made (the fabric I'm holding in the picture).

My favorite recent design, and first attempt at the recently popular cloud manicure.  I used Super Nova by Sinful Colors as the base, then Not Now from Pure Ice, topped with Metal Icon from Maybelline.  I'm currently wearing this one, and may decide to get Not Now back out and have some fun with a dotting tool.

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