Monday, October 29, 2012

Metallic Chemistry Nails! (Day 10 ish)

So after brilliantly messing up the order of the days, I'm doing the Metallic Nails today.  I had to actually think pretty hard about this one, because I don't really like the finish of metallic nail polishes, so I don't have many.  Actually, you can see below that I only really have two.  So in honor of my 2nd o chem exam today...

So I decided to do nails based on elements!  Initially I was going to just to metals, but when I got the NYX Girls polish in Charcoal Pearl, I knew I had to do something with Carbon, since I'm currently wasting my life trying to pass organic chemistry.  From pinkie to index finger: Ag (silver), Zn (zinc), Au (gold), and Cu (copper).  Then my thumb is a cyclohexane, which was going to be a benzene until I remembered that I suck at doing the lines and should probably just stop there.

Not perfectly symmetrical, but close enough...

Whoopsies, random dot above the A.

This is the least metallic polish I used, and zinc isn't even this color, but the polish is Sinful Colors' "Zincing of You," so of course I had to use it.

I was feeling much less dexterous than I'd originally anticipated, and decided that I wasn't going to be able to get the squares done well even with tape, much less do the letters legibly.

And the whole thing once again.

Colors Used: 

Silver: Sally Hansen Salon in Sterling
Zinc: Sinful Colors Zincing of You
Gold: Diamond Cosmetics Nail Art in 14k
Copper: Maurice's (no name that I can see)
Carbon: NYX Girls Copper Pearl

To do the designs, I taped off a square on each finger, then went over the line with a small brush.  The result was that the lines weren't perfectly straight on the inside of the square, but it gave a good guide, and the outsides were perfectly straight.  For the hydrocarbon ring, I did the same thing, but taped off a hexagon instead of a square, which was why I couldn't make it a benzene ring, since I couldn't put tape down on the polish I'd just done.

I'm IN LOVE with these nails and I'll probably try to keep them on as long as possible, but for me that probably amounts to all of 3 days or so.

(Combined because I'm cheating.)


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