Friday, October 26, 2012

Maybelline Limited Edition Sequins Nail Polish Collection Swatches

Some of the colors in the (presumably new) Sequins collection in the Maybelline Color Show line.  I saw them for the first time today at Walmart in a special display on the end of an aisle.  There were several other colors as well, like a gold and silver, but these looked the most unique to me.

Ruby Rhinestones - Various sizes of red glitter with a bit of black microglitter in a black jelly base.

Sea-Quin - Teal glitter with a bit of cerulean glitter in a teal jelly base.

Sapphire Masquerade - Deep royal blue/purple glitter, thicker coverage, with some fuchsia hex glitter.

Lavender Sparks - Very sheer dusting of lavender microglitter with larger holo hexes.

Cocktail Dress - brownish black microglitter with medium red hexes.

One coat of each color

2 coats of each color (sorry the order is reversed now).

Ruby Rhinestones and Sea-Quin (2 coats)

Sapphire Masquerade and Lavender Sparks (2 coats).

Cocktail Dress (2 coats)

My camera didn't do a fantastic job of picking up the full character of these amazingly glittery polishes, but hopefully this has at least given you some idea of what they're like.  I don't know if this is available in any other drugstores or exclusive to Walmart, but that's the only place I've seen them yet.

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