Monday, October 15, 2012

Butterfly Nails! (Orange, day 2)

So first, quick general statement.  Since there are 2 31 day nail challenges (I assume 2 different years or months or whatever), but they're mostly the same, I'm doing "both" of them without the duplicates.  So for a few days I'll just have a Part B or something.  Anyway, today's is Day 2, which in both lists is Orange.  I've been really wanting to try monarch butterfly nails, and this gave me an occasion to do that.  I'll probably attempt it again at some point, because I LOVED the design, but I don't think I executed it terribly well.  The lines were messy and badly proportioned in a lot of places, and I forgot to put the glitter on my left hand.

Right hand, no glitter :(  But I think I like the black lines on this one a lot better.

Left hand, I remembered the glitter :D  But I also shouldn't have put the bottom lines on those, since they didn't have the huge gap that the bottoms of the right hand did.

I then decided to see what it would look like with a matte topcoat, under the reasoning that most butterflies are powdery and not so shiny.  Also because I'm currently in love with my matte topcoat.

Left hand with matte topcoat.  Definitely didn't like this one as well as I liked the right hand with the glitter.

Right hand with matte topcoat.  I loved the effect it gave on top of the glitter, and I was thinking I'd like to just do an gradient mani with the orange, glitter, and matte topcoat without the black lines sometime.

What I used:

Base: Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up
Gradient sponged over the base: OPI Hong Kong Sunrise
Glitter: Wet n Wild
Black lines: Art Deco Black nail art polish
White dots: Rimmel French Tip White

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