Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pink-nude Glitter Gradient (Day 9)

(Turns out I can't read and thought that today was Gradient when it wasn't.  On either list.  Whoops.)

After just having done a white-to-black gradient yesterday (and not succeeding terribly well at it), I decided that for today's gradient mani, I wanted to try something with glitter, not colors, because glitter fixes everything, right?  But I also wanted something wearable.

I started off with 4 coats of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Nude Now, which I think might be my perfect "mannequin hands" polish, despite the fact that it takes 4 coats to get opaque.  Hopefully this shade comes back once they relaunch the line, because I got this one while they were all on clearance for $1.89 at Walgreens.

Then I topped that with Ulta Pinata-yada-yada, which is one of about 5 different brands' rainbow glitters I own.

My left hand looks fantastic (in my humble opinion...) but then I ran into problems when doing my right.

For some reason, I just couldn't get the technique for spreading the glitter the way I wanted it.  I ended up globbing way too much of the clear polish along with the glitter in order to get the effect I wanted, and while it smoothed out with a topcoat, last I checked, it was still nowhere near dry, an hour later....

The other nails seem better than the index nail, at least, but I still liked the way my left hand looked a lot better.  Although I didn't hate this enough to take it off and give up, so I'll just come back to this idea once I'm done with the 31 day thing, because I really do love the way this looks.

(Combined because I'm cheating)


  1. Very cute. I like the colorful glitter against the nude polish.


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