Friday, November 9, 2012

Rainbow Fish! - Day 13 (Animal Print)

For the Animal Print manicure, I decided I wanted to do something other than leopard, zebra, etc.  For some reason I've just never really liked those kinds of animal print.  I'm also trying to use as many of my nail polishes as possible, as quickly as possible, so a mani that used 8 nail polishes seemed good to me!

As impressed as I was with this manicure, it didn't photograph no matter what I tried to do to it.  I even made a light box this afternoon, but unfortunately didn't figure out how to effectively use it until after I'd taken this mani off (and after I'd ruined it in rock climbing this afternoon, breaking 3 of my nails.)

This was meant to be the main Rainbow Fish inspired nail.  I was originally going to do all of these, but my Game of Thrones manicure taught me that I'm not particularly talented at drawing scales, so I stuck with one on each hand.

The Rainbow Fish theme was also a good reason to practice a fishtail pattern, and I think I didn't do too badly for my first attempt!  I need to work on getting it centered in my nail, but I think I got the lines decently straight.

Colors Used:
Purple Base - Savvy Deep Amethyst
Purple Glitter - Petites Zodiac (directly over Deep Amethyst)
Jade Green - LA Girls Chromium Green (Stained horribly yellow even with a basecoat)
Magenta - Sinful Colors Dazzle
Blue Base - Wet n Wild Bijou Blue
Blue Glitter - Maybelline Sea-Quins
Light Blue - Confetti Rhapsody in Blue (also used under holo glitter)
Holo Glitter - Color Club (unknown name, but not from the recent holo collection)
Black - Sinful Colors Black on Black

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