Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 17 Glitter!!!

For this day (which I actually painted a couple days ago and forgot I should upload), I defied every instinct I had and decided to try something more subdued, rather than go all out and make a complete glitter bomb.  Okay also I'm running out of acetone and my Walmart isn't restocking, but still....

I used Sally Hansen Mousseline and did a glitter gradient with Milani Disco Lights.  I topped it with the Butter London quick dry top coat, and I think I used too much trying to make sure the glitter was smooth, because the tips shrank horribly :(

I really liked the look, though, even if it might have been more interesting with a couple other colors of glitter added for variety.  The last glitter gradient I did was a rainbow glitter, and I was going for something more classy and polished, but still shiny, with this one.

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