Monday, November 26, 2012

Catching Up - Through Day 16

This post is going to be a whole lot of random, but it's already 12:30 and I don't particularly feel like splitting it up.  These are my backlog of pictures I've taken while I couldn't actually upload them, for the 31 day challenge.  Since I'm trying to do both at the same time, I crossed out all the doubles between the two lists, and then made "b" days for the extras.  Some of the pictures I took also seem to have disappeared, so I'm still hunting for the tape manicure I did.

These are also going to be in backwards order of how the days went, since that's how they were uploaded.  First up, we have Tribal Nails for Day 16, starting with my horribly screwed up right hand:

I used Pure Ice Over The Top, but unfortunately, I used it "over the top" of the white polish I'd put on all my nails, intending to do the tribal print over all of them.  When I decided I was just going to do a solid color for my right hand, I didn't bother taking it off.  The suede finish polish just slid right off when it was partly dried.

Fortunately, I wasn't too disappointed, because the rest of the manicure turned out rather atrocious as well.

Ironically, the ikat print nail was the only one that I thought actually looked nice, and I'd only done it on one nail because I was sure it would be way harder than ikat-type zigzag chevrons.

Needless to say, I didn't go out of the house with this on and took it off later that evening.

Colors Used:
White - Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
Right Hand - Pure Ice Over the Top
Red - Sally Hansen Elegant Cognac
Orange - China Glaze Desert Sun
Gold - Nail Art 14k
Green - Essie Sew Psyched
Blue - Art Deco Turquoise
Purple - Art Deco Magenta

Next up, Day 15b, the Jelly Sandwich.  I did two versions of this one, one on my right hand and one on my left.  The first is a more "traditional" jelly sandwich, with the color, colored glitter, and milky neutral color--Sally Hansen Petal Pusher--on top.

As you can see, I managed to mess that one up, though, so later that day when I was done with classes, I took that hand off and redid it so they were both like this:

These two polishes were made for jelly sandwiching with each other.  For the base (on both styles) I used Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Cherry, Cherry Bang, Bang! a bright magenta color.  The glitter was Ulta's Pinata-yada-yada, and on top is the only use I've ever found for Wet n Wild's Fuchsia-Rama, which has a jelly finish, and I hadn't touched since I tried using it alone for a manicure once and even 5 coats weren't opaque.

I was totally in love with the look of this, and very sad to take it off (besides the thought of having to get all the glitter off....).  If you picked up this color when the Salon Manicure line was under $2 on clearance at Walgreens, I'd suggest finding Fuchsia-rama (regular price is usually $1.99, but you can find them on sale intermittently at most drugstores) and trying this.

Day 15 - Delicate Print Nails

I did two designs for this one, as well.  On my right hand, I did the cloud/lace/scallop pattern

And on my left hand, I did a floral/dot print vaguely inspired by the wallpaper I had in my room as a young child.  It was peach and baby blue on a cream background with a floral/dot/stripe pattern.

A lot of my flowers turned out a bit wonky, but I still really liked the design.

Colors Used

Cream - Almay Sheer Icicle
Brown - Sally Hansen Terracotta
Blue - Sinful Colors Lavender

I had the idea in my head that for the Chevron nails for Day 12b (I seem to have lost the pictures of Days 13b and 14b), I was going to do one of the colors from the China Glaze Bohemian collection, with one black chevron in the middle.  I then ran out of patience for taping, so this proved rather difficult for me, trying to get perfect angles and straight lines.

This is China Glaze's Rare & Radiant with Sinful Colors Black on Black, topped with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

For my right hand, rather than try to get one line perfectly straight, I just made copper tips, and I also really liked this look.  I have no idea why I didn't get any pictures of either one before they were mattified, but maybe I did and they disappeared along with the others.

I also managed to mess this one up fairly quickly after doing it, but I did wear it the rest of the day.

Colors Used
Green - China Glaze Rare & Radiant
Black - Sinful Colors Black on Black
Copper - Maurice's Copper

I'm glad to be back to posting, I missed having somewhere to share my manis, and there are several more to come that weren't part of the 31 day challenge (I'm taking the 31-day part very loosely....)

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