Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Biology Nails!

I think I've temporarily given up on the 31 day nail art challenge.  I still want to finish it, but as soon as I have things I'm "supposed to" do, I suddenly have 10 other ideas I'd like to do more.  This mani was inspired by a diagram used in our cell bio lecture a couple days ago.  I just really liked the pattern and colors, and thought it would look cool as nail art.  

I decided to incorporate with this mani that I saw on Reddit a few months ago and fell in love with.  In the original, though, she outlined with black acrylic paint, and I just painted the black blobs and cilia first, then put smaller green blobs in the middle.

This just might be my favorite thing I've ever done, and I'll be incredibly sad when I inevitably break half my nails rock climbing in class on Thursday.  I went yesterday evening (before I did these) and had trouble jumping and grabbing at holds without ruining my nails.

Thumb: Coated vesicle diagram
Index: Paramecia
Middle: Fish
Ring: Mitosis (with two X chromosomes, of course)
Pinkie: DNA (or at least my pathetic attempt at DNA)

In the middle of all the cell/molecular stuff, I still had to throw in the fish, partly because I couldn't think of another microscopic thing I wanted to put in, and partly because as long as I've loved biology, it's been because of a desire to study fish.  I want to do conservation ecology with salmon and/or sturgeons, but generic goldfish are a lot easier to draw.

I actually did this whole design with dotting tools.  I've found that they work nicely for when you want smooth, rounded shapes, and you can sort of push the polish around for the desired shape.  I did sort of mess up a bit in the center, but I still like how it looks, and didn't think it was worth going back and fixing.

For the other hand, I just made chevrons with the 3 base colors besides white that I used on my left.

Colors Used:

Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
Sally Hansen Bandage
Sally Hansen Mousseline
Revlon Revlon Red
Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!
Sally Hansen Green With Envy
Sinful Colors Envy

Sally Hansen Mint Sprint
Sinful Colors Black on Black
China Glaze Re-fresh Mint

Revlon Dreamer
ORLY Old School Orange

Sally Hansen Raspberry Race
Milani Yellow Whiz (Which is awful and goopy and NOT QUICK DRYING AT ALL)
Revlon Revlon Red
Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
Sinful Colors Black on Black (For the pathetic attempt at the mitotic spindle)

Sally Hansen Whirlwind White
Revlon Revlon Red
Sally Hansen Blue Me Away

Other Hand
Revlon Dreamer
Sally Hansen Mint Sprint
Sally Hansen Raspberry Race


  1. Liz, these are awesome! I'm so flattered! And no, I'm not annoyed that you left your link on my blog because it led me to awesomeness!


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