Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Recent Non-Challenge Manis

I'm writing this post while I'm not in  my room, and I unfortunately don't remember all the names of these polishes.  The only ones I won't list, though, are random ones I found at the Dollar Store that aren't actually part of any regular lines anyway.  I can Google the names for the rest.

In between my 31-Day Challenge nails, I've been doing some other things with my nails.

This first mani was two Almay One Coat colors (Dollar Store), topped with China Glaze Make a Specktacle, and then NYC Matte Me Crazy.  I'm absolutely IN LOVE with this look, especially with the taupe color.

This was my testing out Sinful Colors Winter Wonder, which I've read on numerous blogs is a dupe for Zoya Fei Fei.  I can't say I have that one for comparison, but it is a really nice color.  Normally I don't like dark colors on my skintone, but this one is a shimmery and multi-colored glass fleck polish which I like a lot.

On my index finger, I also topped it with Sinful Colors Faceted to try that out as well.  I really liked it.

Look what I found randomly at my CVS while I was home for Thanksgiving!!!!  OPI DS Sapphire!!!!!  This is my new baby, and it's actually still at home because I didn't want to risk bringing it on the plane where it might break, so it's sitting safely in my room at home.

It's a lot more linear than it shows in my pictures, although I'd still like to find a nice REALLY linear holo.

Finally, my Accidental O Chem Nails, with Revlon Not So Blueberry and Sinful Colors Mint Apple

I found the two colors in my room while I was home, and decided they'd look really pretty together as a gradient.  After I'd completed it, I realized the pattern looked familiar....

It matches the cover of my o chem book >.<  Oh well, still a gorgeous color combo, I think.

I also tried layering Sally Hansen Starry Starry Flight, and I liked that look as well, although I think I'd prefer it with no rhinestones on the two accent nails, and the silver glitter over all of them.

So that's it for now!  I'll hopefully be posting a lot more now, but I have a test later this week, then next week is dead week, followed by finals week, so it may end up being less than I'd like.

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