Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wet n Wild Ferguson Crest Syrah

Yesterday at Rite Aid, I was for some reason looking in the Wet n Wild Fergie collection display--which I normally pass up, as the colors don't appeal to me, and for Wet n Wild, they're rather pricey--and noticed a nice shimmery purple.  When I picked it up to take a closer look, it immediately struck me as being very similar to NOPI Shoot for the Maroon, which I've had my eye on for some time, but at $7-8 a bottle, I just can't justify the few times I'd actually wear it.  At $3.49 a bottle, this seemed like a viable option, and since it was BOGO 50% off, I chose another polish as well, and decided to try it.

Here's what Ferguson Crest Syrah looks like in the bottle, hopefully you can see the shift between purple/magenta and coppery orange.  The shift actually doesn't show up so strongly on the nails, especially in indoor lighting.

(Indoor lighting)

(And the rest are outdoor)

A bit out of focus, to pick up the shimmer

I was overall very impressed with this polish.  It went on nearly opaque in one coat, and while I used two, you could probably get away with one thick coat just fine.  The only con was the absolutely enormous brush.  Extremely wide as well as thick, it made it incredibly difficult to control where the polish went, and for a dark color, that makes cleanup rather annoying.  In the pictures above, you're probably able to see the remnants of the polish that flooded my cuticles.

I can't speak for it being an exact dupe of Shoot for the Maroon, since I don't have it to compare myself, but in looking at swatches online, they seem to be similar enough that I won't have any need to own both.

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