Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Nails Day 1 - Green Because I Say So!

Well, I'm starting off the Advent Nails challenge on the wrong day, because green is my absolute favorite color ever, and December 1 is my birthday, so I refuse to do red!  (I'm just going to swap the green and red.)  I was going to do something elaborate, but I couldn't decide on anything that didn't seem like overkill, so I stuck with probably my favorite green polish I own, Zoya Ivanka.  A deep emerald green glass fleck polish with hints of gold, it's absolutely perfect for the holidays.  I tried a ring finger accent with Wet n Wild The Gold and the Beautiful, but I think I like it better without.

I've also done a possible dupe comparison.  Can you tell which finger it's on?

Surprise!  It's not on any of my's on my thumb!  While I was looking for a glitter to top Ivanka with, I saw NYX Girls Emerald Forest (which, if my theory is correct, should also have a higher quality dupe in the Advanced Salon Formula line), and noticed that it was very similar.  I think it gives about the same color, but it's a microglitter rather than a glass fleck finish.  I definitely prefer Ivanka, but now that I know they look so similar, I think I might do 2 coats of Emerald Forest under one of Ivanka, to conserve it.  All my nails in the pictures have 3 coats of their respective polish (except for the ring finger, which also had the gold).

I tried to get a better picture for comparison, but it turns out I really, really need to figure out how to make the whole lightbox thing work, since these keep turning out horribly.

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