Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I suppose I could always go back to what I did best...

I intended to do--and even brought home a bunch of festive polishes for--several Christmas/holiday/winter manis, as well as enter the awesomely-themed nail art contest at Ooooo Shiny! one of my favorite nail blogs to read.  I somehow managed to get past my "issues" just long enough to post once about it, and then proceeded to go back to hiding from everyone, both online and in real life.  Since I haven't done any real nail art recently, just a few solid colored manis, I figured I could always go back to doing what I did so well on Youtube--hauls.  I've tried to not buy so much recently, and was doing well until I encountered the Rite Aid clearance sale....

NYC Golden Glam, Jesse's Girl Flirt, e.l.f. Futuristic, Revlon Entice, Intrigue, and Fergie Ferguson Crest Syrah (wat?) These weren't on clearance, just on sale at various CVS/Walgreens/Target I went to.

Petites Peach Blush, CQ Silver Taupe, Petites Wizard, Periwinkle, CQ Tropics, Petites Wicked. All 75% off at Rite Aid

Chameleon Hula, Mist, Fandango, Waltz, and Nucleus. All 75% off at Rite Aid

Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom, Perfect Plum, Naked Ambition, Gilty Pleasure, and Griege Gardens (backup for the one I alread have). All 75% off at Rite Aid

Milani 3D Holographic collection: Digital, 3D, HD, Hi-Tech, Cyberspace, Hi-Res. All 75% off at CVS, plus I used a $6 ExtraBucks reward I had.  The pink, green, blue, and purple were all backups.

Before I came home on break, I saw a display at Walmart of Pure Ice holiday polishes, including lots and lots of glitters!  I was going to just grab a few, but my mom had sent me a card with $20 in it, so somehow these were justified....  I really love them, anyway.  There's also a blog sale purchase I made around the same time.

Revlon French Roast, Salon Perfect Sparkling Sapphire, Maybelline Twilight Rays - All from Walmart

Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, Sugar Cookie, Sleigh Ride, Twist and Shout, and Playtime

Pure Ice Emerald Crush, My Wonderland, Bring on the Joy, Strapless, Twinkle

And from the blog sale...

Sally Hansen Sea, Air, Whisper, Sorbet

Kleancolor Peaceful Heart and Chunky Holo Purple, ORLY Fowl Play 

China Glaze Glitter All the Way and Running in Circles

I do hope to be getting back to nail art soon.  Part of my problem is that I left most of my tools at my dorm, so all I can really do here is simple striping, dotting, and just painting solid colors.  But I'm not sure I'm going to take all of the newly-purchased polishes back with me, so I'll have to just play with some of them here before I go back.

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  1. I'm so jealous you were able to get Pure Ice Sugar Cookie & Sleigh Ride! I've been really wanting them but haven't found them yet - going to keep looking though! :)


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