Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Nails Day 2/3 - Red and Gold

After switching red for green yesterday, I decided to once again cheat and to today's manicure at the same time as tomorrow's.  I don't really like either red or gold by itself, but using them together was something I'd never tried before.  This was my first attempt, and it ended up looking like way too much going on for one hand.

The thumb, middle, and pinkie have one coat of Revlon Red.  Thumb and pinkie have two coats of Maybelline Ruby Rhinestones, and the middle finger has one coat of NOPI Gold Texture shatter polish.  The ring finger has one coat of Revlon Gold Coin, and I'd intended to leave it like that, but the antique gold clashed with the bright gold right next to it, so I put a layer of Gold Texture on that, too.  The index finger has Sally Hansen Petrol as a base, with Revlon Gold Coin and a red Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polish that came in a set and doesn't have a name.

On my right hand, I decided to lay off the gold a bit and stick to a simpler design.  3 of the nails are just Ruby Rhinestones over Revlon Red, the middle finger is just Gold Coin, and the index finger is the same.  I like this design a whoooole lot better, and I wish I'd done it on my other hand as well, although I didn't feel like taking all the shiny stuff off to fix it.

I love the polishes in the Maybelline Sequins line because they all appear mainly one color, but each has something extra in it that keeps it from being too plain.  This one, for instance, has flecks of tiny black in with the red.

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  1. Love the Maybelline Ruby Rhinestones! :) I passed it up when I was picking through the Sequins collection because I already have quite a few red glitters, but it looks really great!

    1. I think most of the reason I got it was that I didn't have any red glitters and thought I should have at least one coming up on Christmas. I don't particularly like red on my nails, but I really love this one.


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