Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Dragonflies: So much more awesome than Butterflies!

My computer may or may not be trying to put itself out of commission once again.  The screen on my laptop has been broken for a while, so it's hooked up to a monitor, and now the monitor is trying to die on me.  So as of right now, I'm writing this post with a monitor flashing on and off every second or so.

The other day, my fellow biologist boyfriend showed me this article about dragonflies, and suggested them as my next nail art idea.  I initially tried doing a pattern of several small dragonflies on each nail, but it turns out that I'm artistically challenged, and that did not go so well.  I then redid them to look like this:

The color I used for the wings doesn't show up very well, and it didn't in person, either, which sort of disappointed me.  It was a purple-green duochrome that looked a lot better in the bottle than it did on the tiny areas where I used it for this design.

I added the dots because my nails looked too empty without anything besides the dragonflies in the corner, but I didn't want to actually paint grass and clouds and make it a spring-y scene, so this was my simple tribute to these awesome killing machines...err...cute little buggies!

Much better.  Although after having done it, I got the idea that I should have done gold dots around the edges, just for some additional color in there.  The base is an unnamed polish from Ross, topped with Sinful Colors Cinderella.  The bodies are NYX Girls Carbon, and the wings and dots are a franken I made with one of the "Travel To..." micas from but I don't remember if it was just in a black base or colored, or which mica it was.  That was wonderfully informative, yes?

I hope to be posting more regularly now that o chem is no longer taking over my life (on account of I dropped it and am going to retake the whole sequence next year and hope I manage to get all As) and I have more time, although I'm not sure how well that will go if I end up having my computer die entirely.

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