Saturday, April 20, 2013

Feather Nails

I've seen various pictures and tutorials for feather nails since I got really into nail art.  It always looked really cool, but also time consuming, so I never gave it much consideration.  Some time about a week ago, though, I got it into my head that I wanted to try feather nails, so when I was at Walmart, I bought a pack of 50 feathers, figuring it'd be enough for several manis.  The bad news is, there were so few small feathers in it that the ones I used here were probably the only usable ones in the entire bag.  The good news is, my first attempt went much better than I'd ever envisioned!

My process for this was to start with a base of 2 layers of Rimmel Caramel Cupcake.  I let that dry, then put on a coat of topcoat.  While it was still a little wet, I stuck the tips of the feathers on, then immediately put on 2 thick coats of Out the Door.  I let that dry a while, then clipped the ends of the feathers off the nails (if you put the topcoat a bit farther out on the feather, it makes it easier to remove).  I then put another coat of OtD on, waited about half an hour, then went to bed, as it was 3 in the morning.  The next day, I filed down the little bits of feather still sticking off the nail, and put on a two final coats of OtD, and voila!  The most layers of nail polish I think I've ever put on!

I took pictures of each individual nail, but when I looked at them later, some were blurry so I left those out.  I also didn't realize how absolutely awful my cuticles looked in these pictures until I'd already taken the polish off.

The only nail the feather actually fit nicely.

So many bubbles.... This nail was definitely the worst though.

I really liked the colors on this feather better than most of them.

So as you can see in the closeups, they're not amazingly Pinterest-perfect, and I got a lot of bubbles in all the layers of topcoat, but I really really liked them, and I actually left them on for 3 whole days because I didn't want them to go away.  I want to try them again at some point, but I'll either have to find a better place to get feathers (JoAnn probably has some, but I have to drive a bit to get there, whereas Walmart is right near my school), or keep buying a whole bag of feathers to do one mani.

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