Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Simultaneously Best and Worst Attempt at Magnetic Polish Ever

I have about 5 different bottles of magnetic nail polish that I got last year when that was the big "thing" in nail art.  I never quite mastered the technique, as I have very long nails that curve sharply toward the sides.  As a result, the edges of my nail usually aren't close enough to the magnet, and if I try rotating the magnet, I end up moving it just enough to mess up the rest of the pattern.  These pictures ended up rather shadowy, but this was my best magnetic mani ever, hands down.  Well, left hand down, anyway....

I got nearly perfect lines on every single nail, although one edge of my thumb missed the magnet.  Then on my right hand...  I couldn't hold the magnet close enough to the nail, and stay still enough for the pattern to really work, so I tried to cover it up with glitter, but the glitter I chose was Kleancolor Peaceful Heart, which is extremely sparse--I should have gone with a smaller but denser glitter polish.  I did manage to get two hearts out, though, which I'd never done while swatching it.  The extra polish around the hearts made it take forever to dry, though, and I ruined both of those nails within an hour.

As dismal as my right hand turned out, I remembered how much I LOVE the finish of these polishes when they turn out well.  I'm definitely going to be trying out another one sometime in the near future.

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