Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One small step for normal people...

I'm actually returning something.  Something inexpensive, no less.  I posted yesterday about how I wasn't sure I wanted to keep Wizard from Petites, as it was almost identical to Bronze Ablaze by Sally Hansen, which I already almost never wear.  Normally, for $3, I would have decided that they were different enough to justify keeping both.  But I have no desire to keep it, and I want to take it back.  I don't even want to buy anything else after I return it (although we'll see how that goes...), since I'd considered Brit Invasion from the new L'Oreal collection, but decided against it after reading reviews that were mediocre at best.

I realize this sounds like a ridiculous thing for which to be proud of myself.  Doesn't everyone return things?  Well I don't.  I never did, anyway.  I'd buy cheap things that weren't "worth" returning, and convince myself that I liked them enough to keep them.  Then I got better at just not buying anything I didn't really love, but I'd still not return it if I got it home and changed my mind.  Now I feel like I'm finally no longer so attached to the things I buy that I can't easily give them up again if I realize I'm not going to enjoy them.

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