Friday, January 4, 2013

My First Attempt at Interlocking Dots

My initial thought with this mani was to do a glitter gradient (of course), and after I decided that that would be too similar to everything else I've done recently, I was going to do chevron tips.  Then I remembered that I'm always wishing I would have tried the interlocking dots mani, but I never remember to consider it until I see a picture of someone else's.  So at last, I remembered!

The glitter on this one was for some reason extremely hard to get my camera to focus on, but it's a whole lot of shiny, and I love it.  I also really like the contrast between the glittery green and the creme plum color.  The glitter is Pure Ice Emerald Crush--though it's really a lot more of a lime, or maybe Peridot, color than a deep emerald--and the plum is Sally Hansen Perfect Plum.  While I would still recommend putting it over a base color and not bare nails, this glitter, along with at least a couple others from the Pure Ice Holiday display, go on opaque in two coats, rather than just being glitter toppers.

Unfortunately, this proceeded to smudge overnight, despite having waited 4 hours just to make sure all the goopy dots were dry.  I guess next time, I'll have to try to use smoother polishes.  I think Emerald Crush was just too thick and lumpy for this to really work well.

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