Thursday, January 10, 2013

Green-Blue Glitter Gradient

After having purchased China Glaze Spinning in Circles from a blog sale before Christmas break, I was eagerly waiting to get back to my dorm room and try it out.  I wore it plain on my nails for a day or so, and it's absolutely gorgeous, but then a couple of the tips chipped, and so I had to play with it some more.

I was going to just layer Pure Ice Strapless over it, but after the first nail, I realized that would take way too much polish to build up to where I wanted it.  So I first created a very sloppy gradient with China Glaze Ride the Waves (I assume a polish from some collection, as I got it on super clearance from Sally's), which is a really pretty blue jelly that nicely matched the tone of the blue glitter.

I wish I'd left a bit more of the green showing, but I seem to have this problem with every gradient mani I do.  I end up taking the top color down way too far and then there's just a tiny bit of the base color peaking out at the bottom.  I'm completely in love with this combo, and at some point I'll probably try a dot gradient (because apparently I didn't learn my lesson about using glitters for that last time...) because this combo makes me ridiculously happy.  It reminds me of a jungle stream or something like that.

Posting is likely to be a bit more sporadic for a while, as I'm trying to keep up with o chem and actually spend the time I need to working on my homework each night (I say, as I'm posting the night before the first quiz of the quarter...), and when I'm busy I tend to just do plain color rather than nail art or anything I feel is worth posting on a blog.

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