Saturday, June 1, 2013

Amazon Nail Art Supply Review - EGoodForYou (Plus my first mani with Water Decals)

Today I wanted to share with you my experience with an Amazon seller, EGoodForYou.  Just to clarify, I purchased all of this on my own, after seeing this post on Reddit.  I of course immediately decided that I couldn't live without the ability to make goldfish nail art, so I looked up the seller she mentioned.  I bought all 3 goldfish decal sets left, and then they had free shipping over $25 (although now I think it's been changed to $19.99), so I decided to get a few more things.  Here's all the stuff I got (I left out the doubles/triples of the water decals).  Everything that wasn't on clearance was in the $3-4 range.  Their prices are mostly around $3.49-3.69 or so.  Even for a single mani, that's not bad, but way more than I'd pay.  But with all these packages, you could make it last multiple manis by only doing accent nails, and many of them have enough stickers/decals that you could do more than one mani even using decorations on each nail.

These are stickers, not water decals.

As are these.  These were on clearance, I believe.

Fishies! They come with 10 "nails" outlined, but I'm pretty sure you could cut them up into the individual fish.  I haven't tried this design yet, though.

Same with these seashells.

Here were the goldfish.  I would have liked it better if there were different types of goldfish, but I'd probably only use one or two at a time as accent nails anyway.

Some pretty flowers.  I don't remember if these were on clearance, or I just really liked them.

And now for the freebies.... On each item description, it says something like, "With free flower sticker," so I assumed it meant just a single sticker.  Nope, that's apparently not what it meant.  First of all, I got this set of water decals for free with my order.  I don't absolutely love the design, but it was really nice of them to do!

So. Many. Flowers.

A pack of these came with EACH decal/sticker set I ordered.

How awesome is that?!

There were a variety of different designs, too!

Once again, I left out the doubles, but when I ordered multiples of one of the water decal sets, each of them came with the same "bonus" sticker set.

I've used the white flower stickers for two pedis so far.  While I change my fingernails ever couple days or so, my toenails usually stay the same for weeks at a time.  The first set stayed perfectly fine for almost 2 weeks (and then I removed them, the stickers weren't peeling off or anything), and the second set, I just did today.  I did run into an issue of stickers tearing when I tried to remove them from the backing, but it was probably at least partially due to the way I was taking them off with tweezers.

And now, my water decal mani.  These were easier to use than I was anticipating, although I did have a couple small issues.  First of all, make SURE you remember to take off the clear plastic covering.  I ruined one of my decals by forgetting to do that.  It stuck to the thick plastic cover and I couldn't peel it off to use it.  In the comments of the post I linked above, there is a video of the process, if you'd like to check that out.  The way I did it was to slide them off the paper with my finger, then gently lay them on the nail and position them.  Unlike stickers, you can slide them around a little bit before you blot the water off of them.

As you can see in the picture of the package earlier, the set comes with 20 decals--enough for 2 full manis using one on each nail.  I only did accent nails, so as to stretch them even further.

For the base, I used NYC Safari, with China Glaze Swanky Silk sponged on top.  I loved the effect it gave, especially in the sunlight, but I'm still not sure how much I like the actual color of Swanky Silk against my skintone.

Close-up!  I was impressed with how nicely most of these went on.  I think one may have folded a bit, but that was from me messing with it too much.  They all went on smoothly and there are no bumps or ridges, especially after a coat of topcoat.  You should definitely apply topcoat to seal them on, though, otherwise I think they'd peel off fairly easily.

Overall, I'm SO happy with this purchase, as well as with the service I received.  They shipped so quickly, and their customer service was great.  In the initial shipment, one of the decal sets I'd ordered had been left out.  I emailed them about it, and they replied quickly, and sent the item out soon after that (I emailed on a weekend, when the warehouse was closed and not shipping out orders, so it took til Monday).  Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and it doesn't bother me that there was this slight issue, because they handled it well, and that's what matters more to me.  I actually just placed another order earlier this morning.  I think now I should be set on decals for quite some time.  

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