Monday, May 20, 2013

Recent Manis

I've mostly been posting pictures of my manis to Reddit lately, and neglecting to write about them here, however, I like talking about nail polish, so now I'm going to do this, too.  The first non-solid mani I did recently was another cloud one.  I liked the contrast of the glass fleck polishes with the creme center, and the colors I used were CG Watermelon Rind, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, and CG Blue Iguana.  It did get a little thick at the tips, though, because Blue Iguana was so sheer I needed two thick coats of it to make it look as dark as I wanted.

This next one was a lesson in simplicity.  I began with a base of Pure Ice Temptress, which is a glass fleck polish, but has a finish similar to the OPI Suede line in that it dries partially matte.  I then used striping tape over 3 nails to create a lattice pattern which I painted over with Pure Ice Femme Fatale.  I really liked Temptress, though, and I wanted to leave more of it uncovered, so I just dotted Femme Fatale on my remaining two nails.

I then decided that I didn't want to do such an elaborate design on my right hand (also I'm pretty sure I was running late for class), so I did simple stripes, and ended up liking them much better, although I liked the purple with green stripes a lot better, so I wished I'd done the colors reversed.

Words cannot describe how in love I was (and still am) with this mani.  I left it on for three whole days!  I used a base of China Glaze Unpredictable, which I absolutely adore just on its own.  Then I taped and painted over with CoverGirl Midnight Magic, a gorgeous fleck polish with lots of colors from green to purple to grey.  On my left hand, the stripes ended up farther down than I'd wanted, so I used some dots to fill in the space.  I liked the design on my right hand, without the dots, better, though.

Also, exciting news--as of last week, I'm employed!  Unfortunately, it's for my school's Grounds department, which means lots of opportunities to ruin nails. :(  It was my first choice for a job, though, so I'm really happy about it:  lots of time spent outside (which I may regret this summer when it's 110), I got to pick the number of hours I wanted to work AND my exact schedule, and all the people I work with are amazingly friendly and nice.  

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