Wednesday, August 22, 2012

TRIPLE SHINY! Nails of the Day

I love glitter.  Probably a lot more than most people.  Probably a lot more than I should, given how much I hate removing even regular nail polish.  So today's nail of the day is a layering of 3 different shiny nail polishes.  I'm absolutely in love with the subtle multicolor effect from the different glitters.

Left to Right: Milani Disco Lights, Bonita (no name) small lime green glitter, and Wet n Wild Going Platinum

This look was achieved by excessive piling on of the glitter.  First I painted one layer of Going Platinum, which went on surprisingly opaque, then two layers of Disco Lights, followed by two layers of the green glitter.  It would probably have been best to add a topcoat, but I didn't, and it's lasted a full day so far with no chipping.

If you wanted to recreate this look, in place of the green glitter I used--which was purchased in a set at Ross, so I have no idea where this brand is normally sold--you could substitute either Sinful Colors Call You Later, an olive/lime green with a few larger chunks of glitter, or Jesse's Girl Fire Fly, a green and white opalescent glitter which looks amazing layered over a variety of colors.  Both should be available at Rite Aid.

The Going Platinum polish I used is from the presumably new "Fergie" line from Wet n Wild, but I'm fairly sure that this color is an almost exact dupe for the Steel the Spotlight shade from their Chrome collection earlier this year.  I knew that when I bought it, and was actually incredibly happy to see it, because I loved Steel the Spotlight, although it was limited edition, and very expensive for such a small bottle ($3.99 for .29 oz).  I also didn't really like the formula, as it was a very chip-prone polish that didn't last 2 days without looking awful.  The Fergie line was $3.49 each, regular price.

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